The Essentials

To be a Christian you must believe that God is…
  • Personal (has emotions, desires, a will, makes decisions, speaks, etc.) (Ps.94:9, Zeph.3:17, Eph.4:30, Col.1:19. The Father, Son, and Spirit are distinct, co-equal persons who interact with and love one another)

  • Trinitarian (the Father is God and distinct from the Son (Ro.15:6) and the Spirit (Jn.14:26). The Son is God (Tit.2:13) and distinct from the Father and the Spirit (Jn.15:26), and the Spirit is God (Acts 5:3,4) and is distinct from the Father and the Son (Jn.15:26). Each Person is fully God (not one third of God (Col.2:9) and all three are co-equal, each equally deserving worship and obedience.

  • Self-existent (eternal & independent) (Ex.3:14, Dt. 32:39, Isa.43:10, 46:4, 48:12)
  • Unique (the only true God) (Dt.6:4; Isa.45:5-7; 1 Cor.8:4)
  • The Creator (Acts 17:24)
  • All-Powerful (2 Chrn.20:6, Isa.46:9-10) and active in human affairs, controlling all things (Eph.1:11, Ps.135:6)

  • Holy and Perfect in every way, and in no sense is the author of any evil (Ex.15:11, Dt.32:3,4,16-18, Hab.1:13, Jn.8:38-47, Jas.1:13)
  • All-knowing (Jer.10:7-14, Isa.46:9,10)
  • Good (Mk.10:18)
  • One’s treatment of Jesus reveals his treatment of God (Jn.8:19, 14:6-7)
  • A Christian believes all Jesus’ claims about Himself (Jn.8:21-26). Chief among these is His claim to be the self-existent God of the Old Testament (Jn.8:24,28, 13:19). 

He also claimed…
  • to be the Messiah (Mt.16:17, 26:64)
  • to be God’s unique Son (Jn.8:29) – distinct from the Father (Jn.3:35, 5:22,23, 17:1)
  • to be the only way to the Father (Jn.14:6)
  • to do miracles (Jn.10:25,26)
  • to be without sin (Jn.8:29)
  • to be pre-existent before His birth (Jn.8:58)
  • to be from heaven (Jn.3:17, 8:21-26)
  • to be the only sacrifice for our sins (Jn.3:13-17)
  • to have been physically raised from the dead (Lk.24:39)
  • to be returning to save His people and judge the world (Rev.22:20)
  • One must not only believe in His full deity, but also His humanity (1Jn 4:2-3)

A Christian Approaches God…
1. As a Response to His revelation of Himself in Scripture (Mk 16:16)
2. As a response to Jesus’ words (Dt.18:17-20, Ac 3:19-26)
3. Admitting the Truth About Yourself
    A. I am Sinful & unable to save myself (1Jn 1:8-10, Mt.5:20)
    B. I must approach God on His Terms (Salvation by Faith Alone) (Ro.4:5, Gal.4:8-11)

Faith involves believing the Gospel and entrusting yourself to Christ, and there are numerous implications to that.
1. If you believe that Christ is Lord, you will approach Him as your Lord (Ro.10:9).
2. If you believe God’s is telling the truth when He says His way is best, you will turn your back on your own way, and follow His way
   (repentance) (Ac 26:20, 1 Pe.3:10,11).
3. If you have genuine faith, you will worship God (Jn.4:24).
4. True faith will always result in love for God and for people (1Jn 4:8, 1Co 16:22, 1Jn 3:14).
5. If you have genuine faith, you will not love the world, but will be willing to turn away from it (1Jn 2:15, Jas.4:4, Eph.5:8-9, 1Pe 2:9, 1Jn 2:9, Ac 14:15).
6. Genuine faith is always marked by humility (Mt.18:1, Lk.18:9-14).